High Stakes Challenge Newsletter:

On this web-site you can click on the buttons listed on the home page to see and print the game board and the componet parts of the High Stakes Challenge board game using the .pdf files provided. The game board parts available to you now for free on this web site are the entire set of board game component parts. Go ahead and print these .pdf files out now and see for yourself the great printing quality you can get on your own computer printer. Simply click on the .zip file and then click on the .pdf files one at a time. And then set the game up and play it with your family or friends

You will have to provide the following game parts yourself to play the game at home: a standard 52 card deck of playing cards, a pair of dice, a dealer button and a player moving piece. And a pool table at your home, or at your local pool hall or tavern.

The files you will receive in highstakeschallenge are:
1. hsc 24 page user guide
2. poker cards page one
3. poker cards page two
4. pool cards page one
5. pool cards page two
6. scan 0004 ($25 game money)
7. scan 0005 ($100 game money)
8. scan 0006 ($500 game money)
9. scan 0007 ($1000 game money)
10.pay cards page one
11.pay cards page two
12.collect cards page one
13.collect cards page two
14.blank poker cards page one
15.blank poker cards page two
16.blank pool cards page one
17.blank pool cards page two
18. full color game board 8" by 8"
19. black and white game board 8" by 8"

Good Luck and have fun playing High Stakes Challenge.